The safe chioce

Wait with  your final payment

For 30 days before departure. With Apollo, you can wait to make the final payment for your charter trip until 30 days before departure. This means that you can safely book a charter trip further into the future, without paying anything other than the travel deposit.

Change travel companion

If someone changes his mind. At Apollo, we make it possible for you to change the name of the tickets on your booking completely free of charge.
  • You can change the name of the travel companion up to 48 hours before departure, or as long as the airline allows it, if someone you are traveling with suddenly does not want or can not travel.
  • If you replace a travel companion and the total price of the trip becomes more expensive, you pay the price difference. If, on the other hand, the new trip becomes cheaper, the price difference will not be paid out.
  • Does not apply to travel with Qatar Airways

Change your add-ons (ancillaries)

At no extra cost. When you book a charter trip with Apollo, you have the option to add everything from luggage and meals to transfers and excursions, so your trip can be just the way you want it.
Now we make it possible to change your options up to 24 hours before departure, so you can both choose and deselect what you feel is right for your particular trip. NOTE: Some options must be ordered earlier, such as flight food, which must be ordered no later than 5 days before departure.

Rebook your trip if you get Covid-19

Free rebooking if you get Covid-19. If someone on your booking should be so unlucky to get Covid-19 within 14 days before departure, you can move your booking at no extra cost.
To be able to rebook the trip for free, a positive PCR test showing an ongoing Covid-19 infection is required.
Rebooking applies to travel in Apollo's ordinary charter program (package trip with hotel and charter flight).
If the new trip being rebooked for is more expensive, the price difference must be paid. However, the trip will not be correspondingly cheaper if the new trip is cheaper.
Your trip must be rebooked within 7 days from the time you are tested positive.
You are responsible for proving that you are not testing positive on the new journey.

Your flight home is guaranteed

If something unforeseen happens at the destination. You are protected by the Package Travel Act and are therefore guaranteed a return journey with our charter aircraft. If the return journey is changed (shortened / extended) due to illness (incl. Covid-19), accident, etc. additional expenses and return travel will be covered by your travel insurance.