Cancellation Insurance

With a cancellation insurance, you can e.g. cancel your trip by:
  • Divorce / separation (provided you are married or living in a registered relationship)
  • Accidents or illness that prevent you from completing the specific purpose of the holiday, eg golf
  • Summons as a witness in a trial or for military service
  • Pregnancy after the purchase of travel, so the trip can therefore not be completed
  • A failed exam, which therefore entails re-examination
  • Illness or death in your immediate family
  • Termination and commencement of new job close to the time of departure
  • Illness or injury
Get security before the holiday from 228, - pr. person.

The insurance covers that part of the trip price excl. insurance premiums that Apollo does not refund upon cancellation of the trip, in cases where the insured's participation in the trip is made impossible or significantly difficult;
  • you or other insured travel participants will be affected by illness or injury
  • serious illness or death occurs in your immediate family
  • the holiday has a specific purpose, eg golf or angling, and you can not complete this activity due to accident or illness
  • your home is exposed to burglary or fire
  • you will be called as a witness in a trial or for military service
  • you have become pregnant after purchasing the trip if the pregnancy, according to a medical assessment, means that the trip cannot be completed
  • you as a student do not pass the exam or due to acute illness have to cancel the exam, and therefore have to re-examine
  • you get divorced / separated (assuming you are married, or living in a registered relationship and have at least 2 years with the same address)
  • fraudulent acts or non-contractual termination of employment in one's own company occur
  • you will be laid off and have to start a new job close to the time of departure
  • Acute illness: Acute covered illness means a new-onset illness, a well-founded suspicion of a new-onset serious illness, or an unexpected worsening of an existing or chronic illness.

Travel companion:
Travel companion means a person who is listed on the same booking as the insured and has planned to make the trip together with the insured. It is required that all travel companions have valid cancellation insurance via Apollo, for parts of the trip price can be refunded.

If you travel as a group, we recommend that each individual travel participant in the group takes out a cancellation insurance to thereby ensure that the price for a fellow traveler does not increase if the travel companion cancels. Cancellations often result in an additional price for, for example, a single room supplement, as a double room must be changed to a single room.

Winter season 2021/2022 and the summer season 2021:
Travel to EU countries: Adult DKK 228 / Child 2-11 years DKK 180
Travel to the rest of Europe (Incl. The Canary Islands): Adult DKK 328 / Child 2-11 years DKK 228
Travel to overseas destinations: Adult DKK 498 / Child 2-11 years DKK 299